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The beauty of Palm Desert is so mesmerizing that it can be hard to keep your eyes on the road at times. Top that with the fact that the Coachella Valley seems to go on and on, and you might expect to never see all the sights you want to see. Thankfully, the Palm Desert area offers a ton of tour options, so you can concentrate on taking in all the sights. You can journey to the San Andreas Fault by Jeep, mountain bike through the desert, or see it all from above in a hot air balloon. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find the perfect excursion with our picks for Top 7 Palm Desert Tours.

#1 – San Andreas Fault Sunset Jeep Tour by Desert Adventures Tours

Silhouette of the San Andreas mountains at sunset

Whether you’re an amature photographer or your Instagram needs some love, the San Andreas Fault Sunset Jeep Tour by Desert Adventures Tours will not dissapoint. This three hour excursion (four hours if you want to be picked up from your resort) will take you through the San Andreas Fault Zone during the “magic hour”. This is that special time of day when the sun is just starting to set, and there is still enough light to capture beautiful sunset pictures.

You’ll be amazed by the magnificent hues of orange and purple bathing the hills. This is also the time of day when local wildlife is really active, so you might snap a shot of coyotes or foxes in their natural habitat. You can join a public tour Friday through Tuesday, or reserve a private tour Monday through Saturday.

#2 – Palm to Vines Wine Tasting Tour by Adventure Hummer Tours

Temecula Vineyard

This luxury sightseeing tour combines two of our favorite things – wine and mountain vista views! You’ll journey to the Vineyards of Temecula in a very comfortable jeep on this six hour excursion through the desert. No need to worry about getting to or from, Adventure Hummer Tours will pick you up from your Palm Desert resort.

You can go as a single or couple and meet some new friends who share common interests or you can reserve the whole jeep for a private party. Lunch is included at Cougar Vineyard, which you will need after tasting 20 spectacular wines. This tour is around $229/person, but if you book ahead of time online there are often specials.

#3 – The Earthquake Canyon Express Bicycle Tour by Big Wheel Tours

Salton Sea in California

See, hear and feel more on The Earthquake Canyon Express Bicycle Tour by Big Wheel Tours. This 20-mile bike tour will take you into the heart of the San Andreas Fault zone by way of a paved road with very little traffic. You’ll enjoy winding your way through the Box Canyon and ending in eastern Coachella Valley with stunning views of the Salton Sea. At the very end of the tour, you’ll head to the Date Gardens for a date shake!

Big Wheel Tours provides everything you need for the bike ride, including a custom fit bicycle, helmet, snacks and water. This four hour excursion is $105/person, with discounts available for groups. 20 miles may sound like alot, but this tour is suited for beginner to intermediate bikers with many downhill portions.

#4 – Mecca Hills/Painted Canyon Jeep Tour by Desert Adventure Tours

Calling all Star Trek fans – you won’t want to miss roaming through the lunar-like landscape of the Mecca Hills Wilderness. This jeep tour by Desert Adventure Tours might convince you that you’ve entered another realm. Billion year old mineral striations grace the Painted Canyon, coloring the rock formations which will tower over you.

The Mecca Hills/Painted Canyon Jeep Tour gives you the option to go for a hike once you’re deep in the desert, allowing you to choose between a nature walk, the Indiana Jones Hike or the “Hike of Death”. This tour costs $450 total for 1-3 people, or $150/person for 4+ guests. You can also book a private tour for $850 per jeep. Be sure to plan your trip for sometime in October through May, because the heat prevents this tour from taking place in the summer months.

#5 – Joshua Tree Adventure Open Air H1 by Adventure Hummer Tours

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree tours are very popular among Palm Desert tour companies, but this one offers something special. While most tours are from within a Jeep, the Joshua Tree Adventure Open Air H1 gives you the best views and fresh air in a safari-style Hummer.

The Open Air Adventure will also take you 2000 feet higher than most Joshua Tree tours will, right through the Mojave Desert and into the Covington Flats. You’re likely to see wildlife such as Golden Eagles and Big Horn Sheep. This tour is offered from 8am to 12pm year round, with varying sunset tours throughout the year. Tickets are $169/adult and $119/child, but you can usually get a discount by booking online.

#6 – Custom Mountain Bike Tours by Big Wheel Tours

The Custom Mountain Bike Tours offered by Big Wheel Tours in Palm Desert are perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try mountain biking out, or you’re an experienced biker looking to ride the best ridge lines in the area, Big Wheel Tours can cater to your needs. You can also choose the length of your tour, from a quick ride to a full day excursion. Big Wheel Tours will supply everything you need (mountain bike, helmet etc.) and prices range from $125 to $225/person depending on your group size.

#7 – Hot Air Balloon Tours by Adventure Hummer Tours

Hot Air Balloons in California

What could be more romantic for a couple or more magical for children than a hot air balloon ride over cascading hills and mountains? The Hot Air Balloon Tour by Adventure Hummer Tours offers exactly this, and a glass of champagne to top it off. No need to worry about driving, Adventure Hummer Tours will pick you up from your Palm Desert resort in a luxury hummer. This tour starts at $199/person, with a minimum of two people and is available November through May each year.

Palm Desert Tours and Lodging

Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? No worries, there’s no shortage of Palm Desert tours. Remember to reserve your accomodations for your vacation to Palm Desert.